N-Line Electric Sign

Longmont, CO

N-Line has a shop building in an industrial area in Longmont, CO. They wanted a sign with their logo on their property but they wanted a unique and different sign...

Weld County Veterans Memorial 16th Street and 35th Avenue, Greeley, CO

Aerial Photography

Greeley, CO

A short video shot at the 2nd Annual Run for the Honor in Greeley, CO. Amen Manufacturing & Oilfield Services is a proud sponsor of the Run for the Honor. We...

Shade structure

Aurora, CO

A local general contractor contacted Amen Manufacturing to complete a shade structure job started by another contractor. The contractor had not finished the project...

LED lighted sign fabrication cnc plasma welding rolling metal breaking design build

LED Lighted Sign

Our client wanted a unique attention grabber for a local chili cook off event. We came up with an idea for a sign using their companies logo. Then thought it'd be...

Central Park

Stapleton, CO

This playground equipment includes a Xylophone fence around it for children to enjoy.

Utah Park

Aurora, CO

Shade structure covering a pavilion in Aurora, Co.

Beam connection plates

La Salle, CO

Amen manufacturing is adding on to one of the shop buildings on the property. An engineer designed the connecting brackets for support beams in the design of the...

Custom built gates.

We can custom fabricate gates from your design.

Mobile Welding Repair

Amen Fabrication was called to repair piping inside a seperator. Here are some before and after photos.

Custom designed guardrail

Custom guardrail is designed to look like native grass.